KN95 Protective Mask – Pack of 10


KN 95 PERF Disposable Filtering Facepiece Respirators

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KN 95 PERF Disposable Filtering Facepiece Respirators

The importance of comfort.

To make sure that the respirator protects you, it must be worn during periods of exposure.
Make sure that you choose a respirator that you can wear comfortably for your entire shift.

Face and head comfort

The respirators edge should be flexible and the shape and size should cover the nose, mouth and chin without causing exoessive pressure.
A headband material which provides
a good, even tension across the head can ensure a comfortable, secure fit for a range of head sizes.

Skin comfortSkin comfort will be affected by the smoothness and softness of the inner material in contact with the skin – especially over a long period of time.
A soft inner face seal and sweat absorbent nose foam will provide greater comfort. Rough or hard materials, coupled with a high temperature inside the respirator may be itchy and unpleasant.

Light weightTake advantage of technological innovation and choose a lightweight respirator for optimal comfort.

Breathing ease

An efficient layers and high-efficiency, low breathing resistance filter material will help you to breathe comfortably.

Compatibility with other PPE Make sure that the respirator you select fits well with the other PPE required for your work such as eyewear and hearing protection to ensure maximum comfort.
construction of mask

Straps – Thermoplastic Elastomer
Nose Clip – Aluminum

Layer 1 – Non-woven Fabric

Layer 2 – Filter SpongeLayer 3 – Double 25 GSM meltblown cloth

Layer 4 – Double 25 GSM meltblown cloth

Layer 5 – Pro-muscle Non-woven fabric


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