Maxxtra is a button-operated adjustment making extremely fast adjustment possible in a single operation of hands. As the terminal is pulled it automatically forms a ratchet instantly self-locking at the required headsize and tightness.

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  1. Shell manufactured from HDPE ANSI, CE certified
  2. Hi-Performance EN397 Safety Helmets
  3. Excellent shock absorption
  4. Light in weight yet strong
  5. Universal Slots on both sides for accessory mounting like ear defenders*, or welding mask*
  6. Sufficient no. of venting holes for air circulation
  7. Provision for chin strap fastenings*
  8. Branding areas on sides or front for Customer
  9. Ergonomic and innovative design
  10. Vented / Non-Vented types available
  11. Available in 5 Colours

Webbings & Harness:

  1. 8 point support for maximum comfort & easy impact absorption
  2. Strong 25mm Nylon webbings
  3. High quality material for highly absorbent sweatband with embedded foam
  4. Innovative colours for webbings, harnesses and comfort pads

Adjustment System:

  1. Widely adjustable size, ranging from 52-64 cm
  2. High-impact Polycarbonate housing for adjustment system
  3. Angled headband terminals for a perfect fit
  4. Realtime & Continuous 3D Adjustment System
  5. Automatically adjusts for varying headsizes Additional

Testing Data:

  1. Withstands temperatures down to -20oC
  2. Artificial ageing (durability up to 5 years)
  3. Accessories/spare parts tests as per OEM


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